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Robert Compton Pottery
Christine Homer Weaving

2662 N 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443
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Hanging Aquariums


Robert's Stoneware Aquariums have a  textured natural clay exterior and a smooth glazed  "creamy white" interior. 

The viewing ports are quarter-inch  plate glass and and are sealed with silicone adhesive.

 An under gravel filter keeps the water crystal clear and a moisture resistant bake lite lamp, concealed in the lid, illuminates the bubbling water with soft filtered light.
10 Gallon Hanging Aquarium 10 Gallon Hanging Aquarium


5 Gallon Hanging

Same design as those shown above but smaller size ( not pictured)
23" height x 14" width

$ 1200

Pack & Ship   $  170

Shipping Information:

* All works are professionally packed insuring safe delivery.

* Shipping costs listed are for UPS Ground Service or common carrier trucking, within the continental U.S.

* Quotations on international shipments and those outside the continental U.S. are available upon request.

10 Gallon Hanging

Above Photos
28" height x 18" width

$ 2400

Pack & Ship   $  420


When making the Stoneware Aquariums minor cosmetic blemishes sometimes occur.

There are several of these "Second Quality" Hanging Aquariums available at this time.

"Second Quality"
Stoneware Hanging Aquariums


Robert Compton Pottery
2662 North 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443, U.S.A.
Phone: 802-453-3778
E-mail: Robert & Christine

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