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Robert Compton Pottery
Christine Homer Weaving

2662 N 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443
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We will be open during Fall Foliage season
"Nuka" is looking forward to greeting you!

Most of Robert's Stoneware & Porcelain pottery is Wood-fired in a
Noborigama kiln.  A Salt Glazed atmosphere is achieved
in the second chamber of this Japanese style kiln.  

 The Pit-fired Pottery & Raku Pottery are fired in special kilns
designed for these unique effects.

Robert throws each piece of pottery individually on a potters wheel, at his
Bristol Vermont Studio & Gallery.



The Vermont Pottery
Weaving Studio

Bristol, Vermont
October 2015

Visit the Vermont Pottery Studio or shop in our
On Line Gallery.

The pottery is open most days10 am - 5 pm
Call: 802-453-3778 for daily schedule.

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Robert was included in the 2014 Fall issue of Yankee Magazine.
We are still worth a visit during the 2015 Fall Foliage Season!

The shelves in our studio showroom are full of pots.
Pick out a gift for friends and family.


Pages of Interest


Family History Mugs

Using photos and data from your family can be a wonderful way to introduce your family members to their history and lineage.


Robert's 40 Year

Retrospective Exhibit

Opening night photos, video lectures and 
information of the Retrospective Show and Book

Introducing our new
History Mugs website

Pages of Interest

Golden Retrievers
at the Pottery





Christine Homer Weaving

Christine's Hand-woven Shawls
Christine's Scarves
Warping a Loom
Fibers for Spinning & Weaving
Looms at
Christine's Studio

 Pages of Interest

Corporate Orders

If you are thinking about a special holiday or thank you gifts for employees or customers, hand made pottery is a wonderful idea. 

A custom order for the Hinesburgh Public House
 included 100 personalized mugs.

Pottery Equipment For Sale from Robert's studio

Plus... Equipment of a fellow studio potter

Guillermo Granizo Mural


Water Sculpture Casting Business for Sale

Kilns at the Vermont Pottery

Besides the six kilns at his Vermont Pottery, 
Robert has taken photographed Kilns Around the World  
built by dozens of  potters, with comments on their various kiln design  features

The section on Kiln Books & Tips may
help those who contemplate building a kiln, or those individuals interested in kiln design, 
construction of kilns and their operation.

This working pottery, weaving studio and gallery are located in a former dairy barn and house.  The barn serves as a clay studio and gallery and the pastures are used for raising sheep.  The farmhouse provides space for a weaving studio and is home to Robert & his wife, Christine.

Salt Glazing in the second chamber of the Noborigama kiln
is a unique method of glaze application.

 The clay is glazed by sodium vapors in the kiln at the Vermont Pottery, rather than by a coating of glaze minerals.  Salt Glazing is achieved by introducing salt into a specially designed kiln at high temperatures: (above 2200 degrees F).


Wood Firing 
Firing the Noborigama kiln is a demanding process requiring intensive labor
in both preparing the wood and feeding the kiln.
Robert's large wood fired kiln is stoked for 42 hours, and consumes six cords of wood. 



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