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Robert Compton Pottery
Christine Homer Weaving

2662 N 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443
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Christine Homer Weaving


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Chestertown, NY

The Ball Mill,  Hobart Clay Mixer and Trough Clay mixers
are in Chestertown, NY 

Robert: 802-453-3778



Bill with Sheeba about 1998



Bill Knoble was a great potter and good friend.

He was a real renaissance man.

 The INDUSTRIAL equipment he repurposed
was used to grind Feldspar rock, he found locally
for his own unique glazes.



Listing of Bill Knoble's pottery studio and home in Chestertown, NY, below:





Canton, NY

The Gas Kiln & Electric Skutt Kiln, Pug Mill, Potters Wheels and Slab Roller Kiln
below are in Canton, NY .

Robert: 802-453-3778



Gas Kiln
$150 OBO



Gas Kiln
$150 OBO

Bill had just finished building this test kiln at the farm in Canton.

A nice size kiln for a hobby potter who wants to do reduction firings.




Skutt Electric Kiln
Model KM-1027-3

$ 500 OBO - SOLD



Pug Mill

This was a pug mill Bill used for decades, homemade but functional.



Pacifica Pottery Wheel

$350 OBO - (Reserved)



Bailey Slab Roller

$300 SOLD



Potters Equipment for Sale

Cornwall Vermont

The clay mixer & electric kiln below are
at the studio of Robert Crystal, Cornwall, Vermont   

 Call him at 802-343-4635



Soldner Clay Mixer

$ 500 OBO


27" Electric Kiln

and shelves    

$ 200 OBO

Contact Bob Crystal





Ikea display shelves, black powder coated  

$ 50/unit OBO

Also suitable for ware shelves in studio

Contact Bob Crystal






Ware Carts


Ware racks

with ware boards-24"x32"

and 12"x32"

$50/unit OBO 

8 are  (reserved/SOLD)



Best offer

Contact Bob Crystal




Gas Kiln


120 cubic foot Car Kiln

with 8 Alfred burners

and metalbestos chimney

$ 1000 OBO


Contact Bob Crystal



Cart is heavy duty with 6 wheels








Silicon Carbide Kiln Shelves

20 -  15"x30" Advancer kiln shelves-

6 are SOLD

New: $ 234 each

$ 50 each


Plate Sitters are taken and no longer available.

Contact Bob Crystal


Air Compressor

$ 50 -SOLD

Contact Bob Crystal







Venco De-Airing

Pug Mill

$ 500 OBO


Contact Bob Crystal









Soldner Wheel

Soldner Professional electric wheel  

with pin fitted bats  

$ 400 OBO


Contact Bob Crystal





Four Tables that are 2 x 8 ft and 4 x 8ft

4x8' work tables-FREE (reserved)


Four Tables that are 2 x 8 ft and 4 x 8ft

4x8' work tables-FREE


Hot wax station with glaze tools  

$ 50 OBO

Contact Bob Crystal


Glaze Screens

Hot Wax ventilator

Banding wheel $20 OBO

Contact Bob Crystal


Outdoor canopy  

good for outdoor shows

$ 50 OBO

Contact Bob Crystal


Glaze thickness scratch tester   $ 40 OBO

Glaze tools   free


Triple beam scale 20000 gr. capacity




For Sale Below

 Pottery Equipment of Robert Compton's

Bristol Vermont


Since purchasing this machine Robert installed heavy duty casters so it can be moved easily.


Ball Mill

New Similar Sized Ball Mills retail at $1200

Asking Price $250



Industrial Ball Mill



Timer Clock for setting length of use.



Aggregate in this machine are quartz stones.,

It was used primarily for making Terra Sigillata, but would be well suited for glazes or clay testing.



Blue Bird Clay Mixer

24S Mixer Retail cost $4470

Asking Price $800

Stainless Steel Blades and Bucket
Heavy Welded Structural Steel Frames
Totally Enclosed, Fan Cooled Motors
Safety Switch - Stops blades when lid is opened.
Full Size Covers - minimize dust during mixing
Forward Tilt Buckets: 3 Position/Adjustable


Single Phase Motor, 110 volt

Has had almost no use, was purchased for a craft center that only used it a few times to reclaim clay.

Historical Fairbanks Platform Scale

Asking Price $ 150




Custom Made Standing Treadle Wheel for Sale

Standing Treadle Wheel

38" Tall x 32" Deep x 42 " Wide

Asking Price $150

This wheel was custom made for Robert in 1974, it is 3/4 plywood with an epoxy coating, and heavy duty bearings.

Robert used this wheel for 20 years when making his Stoneware Aquariums and Fountains.

The wheel head is solid steel and the head is pinned to accept bats. It is in perfect working order but has not been used for 15 years.

It is a great wheel for working on Sculpures and its Large Catch Basin is wonderful for catching trimmings. Robert used this wheel as a Turntable for trimming and assembling his stoneware Hanging Aquariums


Antique Leach Treadle Wheel For Sale

In 2002 Robert brought back two

Leach Wheels from New Zealand.

The wheel shown at right after being refurnished (with exception of original paint on splash basin). 


Asking Price $1500


Seaboard Joinery

Made about 1100 of these wheel between 1962 and 1973, there are perhaps a few hundred still in use in New Zealand.

 Today most kiwi potters throw on the electric "Tasmin Wheel" made in New Zealand, or the Shimpo wheel imported from Japan

A consequence of the many workshops Robert has given in NZ, was his discovery of the Bernard Leach Wheel, made by Seaboard Joinery.  These wheels, very popular in the 1960's , were made with the written approval of Mr. Leach and may be the only wheels that can claim to have his authorization.

  The "Leach Wheels" made by Seaboard Joinery, were offered in three heights, short, medium and tall.  The wheels are identical in every way except for the height, which was varied to accommodate shorter or longer legs of potters. 

         The treadle wheels were made of native hardwoods that have been oiled to bring out the natural color of these unique Australian and New Zealand woods.  The wooden flywheel has been repainted. Designed with ball bearings the action of the treadle is smooth and quite. The leather cam strap, if kept oiled can last indefinitely.  The splash basin was not repainted, the original paint color from the 1960's of light green has been left as is, for historical reasons.


Shimpo Potters Wheels for Sale

          Shimpo #1 of 2

Cone and Ring Drive

The industrial potters wheel from Japan. A solid wheel with fixed foot petal and Plastic Splash Pan. Cone and Ring Drive

Asking Price $350

Retail $1095

Pinned Wheel Head for Bats

All three Shimpo wheels are 20-40 years old, but in perfect working order, anyone who knows these wheels knows they are almost impossible to kill.  All rings have been replaced, spares included.


Shimpo #2 of 2

Cone and Ring Drive

The industrial potters wheel from Japan. A solid wheel with fixed foot petal and Plastic Splash Pan

Asking Price $350

Pinned Wheel Head for Bats

Retail $1095



Pacifica Potters Wheel

        Glide Torque 800

This is the wheel I work on the most, I used the leg extension kit and special design seat for ergonomic position that does not create back strain.

The one I am selling has about 50 hours of use. It was used at a few weekend workshops at the pottery.

This one does not have the extended legs shown at top left. The one for sale is identical to wheel at left.

Pinned Wheel Head for Bats, Plastic Splash Pan

Glide Torque 800

Asking Price $ 420

Retail cost $930


Creative Industries Potters Wheel

$350 OBO

This is one of two Creative Industry Wheels that belonged to Bill Knoble,
this is currently at Robert Compton's studio  Bristol, Vermont.


Strapping and Banding Materials

 Banding Materials



Plastic Strapping & clips This plastic strapping is good for someone who only occasionally needs to strap boxes together or tie down to a pallet, this is over 1000 ft of strapping and plenty of connectors.


Water Sculpture Business for Sale


Robert Compton Pottery
2662 North 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443, U.S.A.
Phone: 802-453-3778
E-mail: Robert & Christine

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