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Robert Compton Pottery
Christine Homer Weaving

2662 N 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443
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Potters Equipment for Sale

Palisades, NY

The studio of Jane Herold  - Call her at 845-359-5421                     

Jane has 66 tile setters sitting out near her kiln in Palisades, NY, and would like to sell them.

They hold 4 to 4 3/4" square tiles,
18 to a setter and you can use them
vertically or horizontally.

 (These are used but in good shape.)

New they cost  $35 each.


Will sell for $15 each or Best Offer

Call Jane at 845-359-5421

Jane Herold
67 A Ludlow Lane
Palisades, NY 10964



For Sale Below

 Pottery Equipment of Robert Compton's, Bristol, Vermont


Asking Price $ 100
or Best Offer
Historical Fairbanks
Platform Scale




Antique Leach Treadle Wheel For Sale

In 2002 Robert brought back two

Leach Wheels from New Zealand.

The wheel shown at right after being refurnished
(with the exception of original paint on splash basin). 


Asking Price $1600


Seaboard Joinery

Made about 1100 of these wheel between 1962 and 1973, there are perhaps a few hundred still in use in New Zealand.

 Today most kiwi potters throw on the electric "Tasmin Wheel" made in New Zealand, or the Shimpo wheel imported from Japan

A consequence of the many workshops Robert has given in NZ, was his discovery of the Bernard Leach Wheel, made by Seaboard Joinery.  These wheels, very popular in the 1960's , were made with the written approval of Mr. Leach and may be the only wheels that can claim to have his authorization.

  The "Leach Wheels" made by Seaboard Joinery, were offered in three heights, short, medium and tall.  The wheels are identical in every way except for the height, which was varied to accommodate shorter or longer legs of potters. 

         The treadle wheels were made of native hardwoods that have been oiled to bring out the natural color of these unique Australian and New Zealand woods.  The wooden flywheel has been repainted. Designed with ball bearings the action of the treadle is smooth and quite. The leather cam strap, if kept oiled can last indefinitely.  The splash basin was not repainted, the original paint color from the 1960's of light green has been left as is, for historical reasons.



Water Sculpture Business for Sale


Robert Compton Pottery
2662 North 116 Road, Bristol, Vermont 05443, U.S.A.
Phone: 802-453-3778
E-mail: Robert & Christine

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